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But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you My power and that My name might be proclaimed in all the earth.

Exodus 9:16


In February 2020, Edai Christian School in Edai Town was officially opened by Sir Moi Avei. The opening also marked the occasion of the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Boera Holdings, ACS International Schools, and Edai Town Development to establish an education hub at Edai Town. The school will work closely with the four villages in the Hiri West LLG of Porebada, Papa, LeaLea, and Boera who are determined to embrace quality education for their children's future. ECS is a Campus of Sunrise Bethel Christian School (SBCS). Both Schools are Governed by ACS International Schools, PNG.




Mission Statement


Changing Nations Through Christian Education


Our Vision

Edai Christian School is governed by ACS International Schools (ASC IS).  The Governing Board of ACS IS have a heart for quality Christian Education to help support and encourage families across the nation of Papua New Guinea.
Our primary goal is to establish schools and teacher training in Papua New Guinea. The aim is to have well trained, qualified teachers in many of the cities, towns and villages. This network may also extend to other Pacific nations.

Our Strategies


Offer excellent Biblical, Christ-centred schools in PNG, to provide a base for teaching children to become effective members of their communities and leaders in their Nation.

Provide a base for ongoing teacher training for those who are currently teaching and to train those who desire to be teachers.

Establish Early Learning Centres in local villages, provide literacy and numeracy trained teachers to support children as they transition into Primary Schools.


Vision & Values

Help us establish schools and train teachers

Invest in their future!

Your donation will go towards much-needed supplies and providing an opportunity for our students to receive an excellent Christian Education in Edai Town.


Edai Christian School



The objective of education at Edai Christian School is that our students will develop a deeper understanding of commitment to a Christian way of life. It is our goal that students will be grounded in living out the image of God and will live their life from personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that knowledge and learning are not ends in themselves, and that students should learn in order to use their knowledge and act as stewards of God’s creation.


We see three things working together to complete the whole Educational Process:

  • Intellectual – the way we think about knowledge and understanding, learning and teaching

  • Emotional – the way we and our students feel as we teach and learn

  • Spiritual – the ways we are connected with God in life through love and work, that leads us to serving others.

Our curriculum is Biblically based using curriculum from the Department of Education in PNG and the Australian Curriculum. 

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Our staff have all made a commitment to follow Jesus and serve Him through their work. We believe that to educate is to draw out from the knowledge that the student already possesses, to develop intellectual skills, understanding, insight and appreciation for God’s truth.


Our teachers deliberately plan goals, and develop strategies, to intentionally impact the fundamental thinking of students, being “transformed by the renewing of [their] mind” (Romans 12:2 NIV).


As educators, we are called to make wise and meaningful choices about the curriculum we offer and the pedagogical approaches we make.


At Edai Christian School each staff member looks at each component of the curriculum through the lens of the truth of God.



As students learn at Edai Christian School, they begin to develop their own beliefs, to prioritise and understand their own values, make choices for a worthwhile life, act on their values and grapple with life issues.


Teachers help students develop skills in finding truth based on a Biblical understanding. It is our goal that the students of Edai Christian School will come to understand how God sees them, that they will know His heart for them and that they will hear His call over their lives. They will grow in relationship with God with knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

Our students are empowered to grapple with living as God’s image and are guided towards fostering justice and mercy in their own cultural context through service. Value is added to our local community when our students are empowered with the tools they need for serving their world.

Edai Christian School is a member school of

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